5 Awesome Video Marketing Tips To Use Right Now

by Nina Vucetic on February 3, 2012

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If you have started using video marketing as part of your overall online marketing strategy, you are well ahead of the game in your market. Video marketing is the most engaging and powerful way to get new leads, strategic partners and clients coming to your website, sales page or just a way to effectively communicate with your audience and set yourself up as the expert in your field.

Video marketing does require some knowledge, planning and strategy. Having the right information and strategic tips is crucial. This week we look at 5 more  crucial video marketing tips that are simple to understand and even easier to implement.

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Tip 1 – Create instant engagement in the first 15 seconds by answering the biggest problem and challenge that your viewer is facing – make sure you know these questions in advance and have spent the time to research your market, you viewers biggest challenges, obstacles and problems. Once you have this information you are then in a position to deliver your customized solution and become the authority in your market.

Tip 2: keep your videos as short as possible and get to your message and call to action quickly. People have short attention spans, so this of your video message as an elevator pitch and get to the most important points as quickly as possible!

Tip 3: Video marketing tip number 3 is to get your videos transcribed and upload them to YouTube. This needs to be done in a .txt file and is easy to do and can be very affordable by using outsourcing sites such as fiverr.com.

Tip 4: Re purpose the written transcription to create articles, podcasts and social media status updates. The more ways that you can get your message out the better!

Finally, Video marketing tip 5: You can use your videos a number of times as part of your video marketing strategy. Get the maximum leverage out of your videos and spread out the posting of your videos to reach the maximum number of people.
As always, the most important thing is to TAKE ACTION on the tips and information that you get when it comes to your video marketing strategy and plan. What we have covered here does not take up too much time, but action and consistency in action is critical for success.

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Nina Vucetic
Creator of the Magnetic Video Mastery Program

  • http://www.elearningit.com Andrea

    Hi Nina,

    I love all the video tips – i watched your magnetic mastery series and that helped me to get started with video!

    I love it – I just have 2 questions:
    1. where do you get transcripts done?
    2. How do you put your video into a blog?

    Thank you for all the tips and advice!!


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