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by Nina Vucetic on June 26, 2012

add video to website
Have you been wanting to add vide to your website and overall online marketing game plan. Do you feel terrified about what to say? Well, don’t fear, here we run through the basics of adding a video to your website and YouTuve, together with some sample scripts so it could not be easier for you!

Check out the format and templates that break it all down for you so you can start creating your awesome video today!

When adding a video to your website, the basics of your “welcome video” script are:

Who Am I ?
What do I have?
What will it do?
How do you get it?

Make sure you have some sort of free offering or special, valuable gift to give to the readers who opt in to your email list – this is essentially the purpose of the website video as well as introducing yourself and telling your reader how YOU can help them!

1. Introduce yourself and your website

2. Tell People WHY they are here – What is the BIG BENEFIT

3. Introduce Your Free Gift and what it will do FOR THEM

4. Tell them HOW to get it

Template Number 1:

Hi Im Jessica James, the founder of Healthy Living , I am a life and meditation coach and have successfully combated my own depression, anxiety and eating disorder issues (you add something here if this is true – if its not leave it out). Generally people want to heat that you have “been there” and can relate.

Are you a young woman in a happy marriage that enjoys her work but still feels that something is missing and is not completely sure what it is. Do you feel like you are living an ‘ideal, successful life’, and still feeling that something is just not right which causes you to feel depressed and anxious, and you cannot seem to understand why? (touch on their pain points to show them that you understand them)

Well if you can relate to this, I can help you.

Now let me ask you a question – imagine what it would be like to be completely free of all depression, anxiety and the stress that is causing you to be dissatisfied with your life, which to others seems Ideal. (get them to imagine the IDEAL or DREAM solution)

You may currently feel trapped, powerless and depressed, but I am here to tell you that it does not have to be that way. I have been where you and know that there is a way out, That is why I have put together a (meditation Mp3, ebook, video…etc) to show you exactly how to free yourself from the plaguing depression and anxiety that weighs you down and prevents you from appreciating the beautiful lfe that you have.

This (mp3, ebbok, video) is called 7 Steps to Beating Depression and Anxiety (an example) and I want to give it to you absolutely free.

It will show you my exact strategy to:
- be rid of depression
- live a fulfilled life
- benefit
- benefit
- benefit (list as many benefits as possible)

To get instant access all you have to do is put it you name and email address in the box on the right, so I know where to send this gift instantly!
Thanks and I will see you on the next page!

— Thats it. I have left room for you to add/delete what is not relevant and you can of course edit, but that is the basic version that gets to the point of who you are, focuses on their pain point, brings them a dream solution AND gets them to opt in to your email list!

Template Number 2:

If you are a video marketer, you would say something like:
“Hi. My name is Louise Bennett and I am a video marketer. I’ve been coaching and training people for the last 10 years in video marketing and getting them amazing videos online.

Now, I know that some of you may be struggling but imagine what it will be like if you could have these amazing videos online and could create a sales funnel where you get instant leads and customers just through the power of video marketing.

Now what I want to offer you is a free gift, a totally free gift, and it’s a video training series about how to get over the fear of creating videos. Now, to get instant access to this free video training, all you need to do is put in your name and email address in the box on your right and I will send it over to you immediately.”

Template Number 3:

Now, you may be a career coach and this would be your sample video marketing welcome video script.

So you would say something like,

“Hi. My name is Jane Adams and I am a life and career coach. I have helped thousands of women step into the career of their dreams and I want to give you the same opportunity.

I’ve created a free report on how to find your passion, on how to create the career of your life and I’ve given you a seven-step strategy of how to get clear on what you want to do and take action, to get into that amazing career that you’ve always wanted.

Now all you have to do to get this free report is put in your name and email address and I will send it over to you instantly and you can get started.

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to check out some of my other blog posts and other information that I have on this site that will help you move into the career and life of your dreams.”

So, that’s it. Three sample scripts. I’ve given you four essential things to focus on.

One is, “Who am I?” Two is, “What do I have?” Three is, “What will it do for you? What are the benefits for the customer?” And four, “How do I get this?”

That should be on your welcome video to introduce people to the free stuff that you have there and to help them reach their goals by giving away something for free and also getting them to sign up to your newsletter, to your email list, which is so essential if you’re doing any sort of online marketing.

So now you have 3 templates to work with to add video to your website, generate new leads and become known as the authority in your field! You can build on this relationship now with your email list and this will set you on track to building a wider customer base and loyal followers!

To Your Video Creation Success!


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