Choosing the Right Keyword to Get Ranked Highly by Google and Get Found by Your Prospects

by Nina Vucetic on July 22, 2012

keywords seoIt is crucial that you choose the right keyword or keyphrase in order to get ranked highly (preferably) first page of Google and also to get found by your ideal prospects.


Here is the 5 step method to choosing the right keyword for SEO:

1. Identify the topic of your content

2. Put that keyword and several related ones into the google keyword tool

3. Generate a list of keyphrases

4. Identify your “sweet spot” keyword”

5. Use the Keyword in the Title, several times in your content, in the tags and if you have any images make the alt tag the main keyword.


Simple SEO! Once you know this you are set and you don’t have to struggle with SEO migraines ever again.

You have the formula now for how to create SEO optimized content. Use this 5 step formula for all your content.

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