Content Marketing – NYC Dancers Teach Us About Perfect Content Strategy for the Web

by Nina Vucetic on July 28, 2012

content is kingWhen it comes to creating great content for the web, there are a number of factors and essentials to include in your strategy. These include having a targeted audience, great content (EPIC type of stuff), creativity, a strong call to action and joint venture partnerships to add more value and diversity to your content.

Now if this seems like to much to learn and apply, check out how these New York Street dancers have nailed this strategy and follow their lead!

Watch this awesome and entertaining video about creating Perfect Content Strategy for the Web, get your creative juices flowing and start thinking about how you can infuse your content with some creative ideas, epic content and a strong call to action to get people to take action!

Do you need a bit of creative help with content marketing and creating a perfect content strategy for the web?

These New York dancers show you the way!



Their content marketing is perfect – they have a targeted audience, great content that people are mesmerized by, a strong call to action with the bucket and joint venture partners to attract a larger audience with diversity in their content.

Plus they are doing all of this outside a Duane Reade Pharmacy, which goes to show you that Content Is King, and a perfect content strategy is far more important than wasting time on getting all the details perfect. (ie, tweaking your website appearance for hours and hours will not have the sort of impact that some awesome content would have!)

So start creating your own content marketing strategy based on this! Make sure your content is compelling, targeted at the right audience, with a call to action to make sales and most of all, get it out there!!

Are you ready to start rocking your online marketing and really creating an impact with your online marketing strategy?

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To Your Content Creation Success!

Nina :)

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