Increasing Web Traffic Leads and Online Visibility

by Nina Vucetic on July 22, 2012

increase website trafficAre you struggling to increase your website traffic and thus bring in new leads and revenue? When it comes to getting website traffic there are a number of things to take into account and also a number of methods that you can employ almost immediately to generate web traffic.

First of all it is important to understand the core components of how Google and your potential customers find you online. They are primarily searching for “keywords” or “keyphrases” like “plumber in Ohio” or “Divorce attorney in Brooklyn”, so when you begin producing any type of content it is vital to ensure that you pick the right keyword and that you make you content SEO friendly.

Once you understand the concept of having the right keywords in place and making your content SEO friendly, then it is just a matter of increasing web traffic, using the same two concepts about keywords and SEO friendly content that we discussed above.

Watch this video for more information on how to choose the right keyword and getting website traffic leads and sales.

Here are the top 4 ways to get more web traffic coming into your blog or site:


Now I will get back to the four tips that I would say start doing immediately to get more traffic, more leads and more online visibility for your website and your products and services.


So tip number one I would say is make sure that you are very consistent with your blogging. Now consistency would mean once a week. It could also mean initially twice a week. Let your readers know when to expect a blog post from you and always, always, always provide the highest quality content. Move that free line and give away your best stuff for free.


The second tip that I would really highly recommend for gaining online visibility is to start using video. Video is really powerful and it outranks blogs, articles, any other kind of content. So start with your video marketing.


The third tip that I recommend is article marketing. Now there are free article sites like EzineArticles, GoArticles.com, ArticlesBase and several others that can really outrank your blog post even initially because they’re well traffic sites. So I would also start article marketing at least once a week.


And the fourth and final tip is for whatever content you produce, make sure that you leverage that content by using social media. So for every single article, blog post, video that you do, make sure that you’re sending it out onto Facebook, onto Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and you can automate this by using something like HootSuite or TweetDeck, whatever you’re using.


So automate it and you can post it several times, not just once, to make sure that you get the maximum visibility for all the content that you produce. So they are my four tips but like I said, I really think it’s crucial to get the full strategy and to get it delivered to you weekly. That’s why I have created this workshop and you can sign up below and register and I will see you guys on the other side and create some amazing results for you that will really double or triple your traffic in just a few weeks, that will get you branded online, maximum visibility and really start networking with the big players because you will become known as the expert in your field.

Now, when I started writing out the answers to this question, I’m going to give you four great tips in this video. But I just wanted to let you know that when I started writing out the answers, I just started writing and I got to about 20 different answers on increasing your online visibility and getting more traffic. And then I kept going with it and I ended up thinking I could make this into like 101 Ways to Increase Traffic and Online Visibility PDF. But here’s the thing. What I’ve noticed from my own experience and from clients that I’ve worked with is that nobody really reads 101 tips reports. You have it saved somewhere and you may refer to it but really it’s overwhelming.


So what I have to share with you is a brand new online e-course that is the six weeks to your Online Magnetic Marketing Strategy.

So each week, you will be given a set number of tasks and you complete these tasks one by one. It’s not overwhelming.

You report back on your results and your progress and there will be a little break in between but it will be a six-week course so you’re not overwhelmed with all the information about getting visibility, about email marketing, about getting traffic, about how to automate your social media post. It’s all in there both for online and offline businesses.

You can post your questions below  and don’t forget to register for the online workshop below that will bring incredible results to your business and bottom line.


To Increasing Web Traffic Success!



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    how would you go about selling click bank products online to earn commission? where the best place to put the affiliate links to draw in free web traffic to it? please help, appreciate it, thank you

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