Massive Online Marketing Challenge for the Week

by Nina Vucetic on August 5, 2012

online marketingThis week I am publicly announcing a massive online marketing challenge, in order to practice what I preach about online marketing and also to test what tools, strategies and online marketing channels produce the best results and lead to an increase in traffic and opt ins.

This week I am still continuing with the 6 Part How to Get More Website traffic Series, and so this challenge coincides perfectly because I will be able to demonstrate to you how each of the tools and strategies that I talk about work, and also I will be doing analysis of all the data, analytics, traffic tracking, conversion tracking and anything else that will demonstrate which strategies perform well, and just the overall power of performing online marketing tasks on a weekly basis.

So the online marketing challenge will look something like this for the week:

Online marketing Strategy:

  1. 2 articles to be published on www.ezinearticles.com – with a killer bio and video recording on how to do it
  2. 1 Squidoo Page – with a video training on how to create Squidoo pages
  3. 1 Hubpages Page – same video training about how to create a Hubpage
  4. Daily Blog posting – all SEO optimized and a video recording on how to SEO optimize your content in 7 minutes!
  5. 2 Videos, with SEO optimization and a Video Blog
  6. Daily social media with at least 10 tweets and 7 Facebook updates, 80 % non promotional and 20% promotional
  7. 1 email to my list using Aweber
  8. 2 guest posts
  9. Asking for 10 other guest post opportunities
  10. Asking for an interview for my new product launch
  11. Creating a Squeeze page for my Create and Launch it info product launch
  12. Finishing my special report for my create and launch it info product launch.
  13. Creating a Page for Joint venture partners to sign up and setting up 3 auto responders for them using Aweber.
  14. A list of all the Web Marketing tools and resources that I always use and would recommend
  15. Listing my web site on all the local search engines using getlisted.org for my local online marketing campaign
  16. Tracking of all my activities and performance using statcounter

Online Marketing Plan Reporting:

I will be reporting in daily on my progress, as well as details of exactly how I perform each of these tasks and instructional videos to make it easier to follow and watch when you are ready to implement any of these online marketing strategies!

Let’s Get Started with Some Turbocharged Online Marketing!

Nina :)


  • http://diroski.com Gemma D Lou

    Hello Nina

    Thanks for sharing your marketing plan breakdown. You’ve given me a good idea of how much work one can achieve if you’re focused and organised. You achieve loads within a week! Incredibly efficient, and I’m sure it will prove effective.

    • Nina Vucetic

      Thank you Gemma!
      It was a bit tough because the internet went down for 2 days, but I am about to write a report on the whole experience and how uch we really can achieve with a structure aand a plan!
      Stay tuned and please feel free to ask any questions or if there is a particukar topic that you would like a training video about

      Nina :)

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